Relieving Low Back Pain with Myofascial Release

Low Back Pain and Myofascial Release

Very frequently low back pain is caused by tight psoas muscles. There are two psoas muscles that are located on the front side of the spine, starting from the lowest rib and attaching all the way down the spine and inserting into the femurs (thigh bones).


Psoas Muscles

The psoas muscles are also referred to as hip flexors. These muscles flex the hips by bringing the top half and bottom half of the body closer together at the hip joint. For example when you bend forward at the hips or when you do a knee raise you are engaging the hip flexors.

The psoas frequently become tight from prolonged periods of sitting – many people have desk jobs nowadays where they sit for hours at a time, then sit in their car to drive home, sit for dinner and then sit for hours in front of the computer or tv. Tension and stress often cause us to tighten our psoas muscles, many times without us even realizing it.

All of this tightness means the psoas are pulling on the front of the spine in the low back creating pain, stiffness and dysfunction. Releasing the psoas very often will help relieve this tightness and pain in the low back.

How to release the psoas using John F Barnes Myofascial Release:

Using a 4 inch plastic ball – like a child’s mini soccer ball or other plastic ball with some “give” to it – lie on your tummy on the ground and place the ball between your belly button and your hip.

When the ball is in place simply allow your body to soften and relax around it.

Check your shoulders and jaw are they tense and holding on? Allow them to relax and let go.

Check your glutes – are they clenching? Allow them to let go too.

Soften your whole body and feel the sensation of the pressure in your psoas and how it releases gradually over the 5 minutes.

Repeat this on the other side also.

Let me know in the comments how this worked for you! Please share with others if you got benefit from it!


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